If you aren’t sleeping on a Talalay latex mattress, you aren’t sleeping as well as you could be. Talalay is a unique material that lifts your body, which relaxes your muscles and relieves tension. Only then, can you get the full benefit of a deep night sleep.

Our Products

Talalay Global is the largest producer of Talalay in the world and the only manufacturer in the United States. Our Talalay is used in millions of the finest mattresses, pillows and toppers around the globe. Learn more about our products.

Mattress Cores

We produce Talalay support cores and pressure relief layers used by top mattress manufacturers around the world. Talalay latex mattresses are more breathable, resilient and offer unmatched support and pressure relief; the key elements to getting the best night’s sleep you have ever had.


Stop fluffing your pillows and sleep on Talalay instead. Pillows made of Talalay latex are more resilient and durable than traditional or foam pillows; they won’t flatten or sag over time. Even months after purchasing, they will provide the same amount of uplifting support to your neck and bottomless pressure relief for your head as the first night you slept on it.


If you aren’t ready to invest in a Talalay mattress, try a topper first. Talalay toppers are made of 100% Talalay latex, which gives you the same luxurious feel.

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